Upcoming Video - Progress
It's always hard to follow up with a tutorial video especially when the one that preceded it was quite popular...

The next video I have in progress is a 'Gum Tree' video, gum trees have always been a goal for me and they can be hard to get right however with the recent acquisition of Sea Foam trees I've been able to get a lot closer to my goal of great looking gum trees.

I see a lot of local modellers here in Australia using Sedum Autumn Joy flowers to model gum trees but for me they don't have the particular random look I'm after.

This video and the process of making these trees are part of a larger project that is Realistic Scenery Vol.10, I've yet to decide on a name for the title however it will feature an old railroad bridge crossing over a road and river. The particular scene I have in mind is from a bridge that I used to play near as a kid.

I love how the road splits as it goes around the trestle, a little further of to the left (outside of the actual photo) there is a small river. For the scene I'm planning I'll be condensing down the scene so the river is much closer to the side of the road however I will plan to make the bridge quite long as it looks quite good. The car park will be removed and instead of a football oval I'll just have bushland.

Realistic Scenery Vol.10 is a little way down the track but I'll be starting on it as soon as the next video is done. Additionally I'll be filming a video on 3D printing soon as well, I just picked up an Anycubic Photon DLP printer which is supposed to print in much higher detail compared to regular FDM printers so that will be interesting to see how it translates to scale modeling.