Upcoming videos list
So as I was combing through the terabyte or so of footage I have to turn into videos, I started to make a list of the videos that I can make using just this footage. As I was working on the list I started adding things that I had most or some of the footage for. Then I finally started adding items that I'd done all the background for and either need to collect materials for so I can film or refilm if it's an experiment I did but didn't record. I'll host a poll in the near future to decide which ones of these ya'll wanna see first and which ones I'll edit first.

Next videos to be uploaded:
Radio telescope
Jungle trip

Just need to be edited (have all the footage):

1 Biology techniques and fermentation 1 (making mead and wine)
2 Decoding NOAA and METEOR transmissions
3 Building a Magnetron 1 (electrical system)
4 Building a magnetron 2 (vacuum system)
5 Fermentation 2 (Brine lemons, and other simple ferments)
6 Biology techniques 2 (Pouring plates, making media, streaking)
7 Making kombucha leather
8 Making  TEM laser using a taser (and other quick high voltage projects)
9 Making graphene in bulk using electrolysis

Need more footage:

10 VLF radio attempt 2 (whistler storms)
11 Cube sat reception
12 Outernet and inmarsat reception (space internet and pirate warnings)
13 Decoding telemetry from NOAA and METEOR (arctic foxes and hyperspectral camera)
14 Making weird new graphene compounds
15 Radio telescope 2
16 Superworm follow up
17 Hydrothermal carbon nanotubes

Needs to be filmed or refilmed:

18 Making magnetic silica DNA extraction beads
19 colorful quantum dots
20 feeding graphene to silk worms
21 Etching carbons in molten sodium hydroxide
22 Freeze drying and preparing cryogels
23 Making organic and inorganic aerogels (titanium dioxide, iron oxide, etc)
24 Culturing purple bacteria
25 Making microbial fuel cells
26 Timelapse of sunspots
27 Sonoluminescence
28 Making bioplastics
29 Building a cosmic ray detector
30 Making inverse opal
31 Making calcium bio bricks
32 Spider bacteria
33 3d printing meta materials
34 Radio telescope 2 (hydrogen line)

There's more but this list is getting long..... Ya'll get the idea ;) Lots of exciting things coming up!