Updaing Rewards and Goals
Hi, everyone.

I am going to be updating rewards and milestones to reflect projects intended for 2016.  Part of this is splitting between a normal and NSFW patreon.   I also want to offer fewer physical rewards, because these are not very popular and they are also non-recurring.   The Lavender Legend "bonus site" will be shutting down, since I haven't updated in like 6 months?  And all that content will end up here for Patrons access.

Since Patreon kind of deletes everything when I change it, I noted what I owe to everyone at this point to a word file and I'll be fulfilling those ASAP.  I am just sort of resisting the urge to chuck my printer out a window right now because it won't cooperate in printing off the bookmarks and such.   So I might have firther delay on that kind of thing, my apologies. 

I'm also going to be updating DriveThru Comics and Etsy with some of the stuff that you can buy in single purchases, and I'll post more on that when I'm finished.