Update 0.1.99
So, as we all know. 0.1.98 was quite a buggy build. and a lot broke in API's. So here's a massive log that contains all the fixes of the last few weeks 

Ask about your favourite person's day with our new >ask command! Clean and purgeare back and more amazing than ever! 

Guild experience
Gain exp per server now. This doesn't mean global experience is gone, They're just two different things now. 

Kick and ban upgrade
I know it's awkward to mention those meanies, You just want to get it over with. Well here you go. You can now use >kick [user id] to kick or ban someone. You can now add a reason too. This allows you to explain the user why they're banned. 

e921 and rule34 support for NSFW
Find your favourite lewds by just using use:e921 or use:rule34 now! 

gamble away those mekos, because we have a slot machine now. do >slots 100 to gamble for a hundred mekos! 

Minor changes
* Added automatic formatting if user isn't married
* Added double mekos for donators on >daily
* Edited >confused images to load faster (thanks @IA )
* Edited >daily delay from 24 hours to 23 hours
* Fixed Action module not loading
* Fixed $no-name bug
* Fixed Accounts not creating
* Fixed Carbonitex servercount uploading
* Fixed Divorce names not always appearing correctly
* Fixed Usernames not changing*
Fixed shipgirl achievement to randomly appear
* Fixed >pasta upvote/downvote
* Fixed nsfw and ecchi* Fixed >leaderboards commands not showing up
* Fixed >divorce @self divorcing people
* Improved >showproposals to show proposals you did
* Removed >buymarriageslot, It's not done yet.