Update - 0.2 - Day / Night System
Contraband is divided into four phases of the day, you will have to manage what you do and when you do it. NPC's will move around to different locations, do different things and the world will change as you play and some locations will be unavalible during certain times of the day/week.

Day Breakdown:

  • Morning - (Player wakes up from selected sleep location.)
  • Afternoon
  • Night
  • Midnight (Player has to find a bed and sleep.)

How does time advance?: Time will advance when the player leaves a location and goes to another.



-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What are you currently working on?: I'm working on storage lots, warehouses and other storage locations. The player can use these locations to set up drug labs, store weapons/items and "Socialize". 

I am also fixing some character related stuff and working on the character creation menu some more and will be reviewing the Main Menu.