Hi, all.

Update 0.30 is finally done. There are two branching paths at the end, one is completely empty, the other has a nice scene with a few branches in it. Both will have more content added, either as a mid update, or in the next one.

I added the option to copy the displayed text to the clipboard, with a small button on the bottom right of the text area. It can serve those who need some Google Translate help every now and then.

Jessica O'Neil's Hard News 0.30 PC (jpg version)

Jessica O'Neil's Hard News 0.30 MAC (jpg version)

Jessica O'Neil's Hard News 0.30 ANDROID (older devices) 

Jessica O'Neil's Hard News 0.30 ANDROID (newer devices) 

If you have an issue with the Android versions, give Storage Permissions to the game from your device's settings.

The usual functions are here, audio channels, POV shots, etc... You can check the previous release posts if you're new to the game, or if you've forgotten how something works.

Make sure to keep some saves on the yellow screens at the beginning of each day, just in case. Those seem to work without issues.

Enjoy it, thanks for the support and the patience, and make sure to leave me some feedback.

EDIT: I added a Spanish translation to the game. You can switch the language from the Preferences. Thanks to Darax for his hard work translating the game.

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