Update #02 - When the Bots Attack
Well, am I not feel like a dumb-dumb right now.

I shouldn't had started poping the champagne bottle, when I got around 7 new patrons in August and the per month support rised so much, I couldn't belive it's true. Well, I shouldn't had, because seems like those new patrons were bots.

I actually had a weird feeling with them, because every new one simingly used their real name as username (I know some of you do that too, but getting new patrons, who use their real name and they come after another felt weird). I should had listen to that gut feeling, so I wouldn't get my hopes up, because the end of August came and what happened: All of them declined. Still I tried to have the benefit of the doubt and sent them a message about it...well at least that was the plan.
When I pressed sent I got this message: "Sorry, but you're no longer allowed to send a message to this person" and than a few seconds later all of them, puff! Vanished from my patron list and seems like from Patreon too.

Well, life lesson learnt.
Turns out, after some research, Partreon does have some problems with bots, who pledge, get the rewards and decline. At least now I know the problem and I can counter it. I already thought out a test, which new patrons have to go through. If they fail, I'm going to assume they are bots and I'm going to block them right away.
Hope Patreon works out something against bots, 'cos not gonna lie, the lost doesn't felt good.

However, there IS a new supporter who came in August and is an actual human being. Shout out to you, you are a cool dude.

And off course, I'm thankfull to everyone who supported me in the past, not just in August and wants to keep supporting me in the future. You are all awesome~