UPDATE 03/13/2017

Ahhh, sorry guys I didn't have enough time to draw something new, but here's a cake for you guys! <3

Now here's last week's progress!
- Chapter 1 part 3 programming: 78/155
We're half way there~ This includes the chapters where Maya meets Arya & Kah'lil.

Kah'lil's name will be Kahlil instead of Kah'lil in game since the ' can't be read by renpy without causing misunderstanding in the program a.k.a. error ><;

1. Translation & Definition hyperlink! When you found a RED text in different language and it changes color into BLUE when you hovered above it, that means you can click it!
and when you do, VOILA; instant translation/definition! (See the picture below for example.)

Oh boy, I'm really happy to discover this new feature :'3 I found it in Lemmasoft and it's quite easy to apply! But sadly, I forgot to bookmark the forum page and I can't credit the person who posted it T_T as soon as I found it, I'll definitely add him/her to the credits!

2. There are two kind of choices in Bermuda now; standard choices and timed choices. Yup, so you better prepare yourself since the timed choices could appear anytime ;p

- More SFXs and BGMs found.
- Problem regarding storyline and gameplay will need to be tested when I finished chapter 1 part 3. So it's kind of... half-solved?

Anyways, I'm really happy with last week's progress :'3 wish me so I can keep up the pace!


P.S: to celebrate last week's progress and White day, my Tier 3 patrons ($10 and up) will get Guntur's exclusive behind the scene making process -^.^)/