UPDATE 04/17/2017
Hi-ya guys!

So far so good <3

I've been really satisfied with the constant workflow these weeks ~ Other work also seem to progress just fine and I think I'm going to start working on Queen's Crown's CGs again sometime this week (my boss was participating in NanoReno so I got some slack last month x'D)

Anyways, here's what I did last week:

- Chapter 2 part 1 progress: 101/134 pages! Just a little more until the demo is done!! I'm hoping to get them finished in 2 weeks at most.

- 3 Minor items icon

- Minor gesture for Kahlil's sprite

- 3 head icon sillhouette for character events.

Here's a preview of the characters' event button in world map.

It will sometimes mixed with normal event so pay attention; if it's a character event, the icon will have a head silhouette of said character, but if it's common/mystery event, it will turn into an exclamation mark '!' instead.

Hmm, I think that covers today's update.

See you guys next week!



Pssst! My patrons today will see Guntur's pose line arts I've prepared!