UPDATE 04/20/2017~
UPDATE 04/20/2017

Hi guys, today, I have both sad and good news :'(

The sad news is that one of our proofreaders decided to drop out. Although hers was the most detailed, hers was also the slowest from the other two. She's still in school and quite busy with the assignments you see >< That's why I decided to release her since her education is more important.

But the good news is that the other proofreaders finally caught up and finished proofreading Chapter 2 part 1 :'D that's a load off my shoulder!

The programming went quite smooth last week:

- Chapter 1 part 3 progress is 118/155 pages.

Other than that, there are also the usual additional expressions, backgrounds, and effects.

This week, I'll focus on resolving the bugs and hopefully the gameplay and story's loophole will be resolved too!

Unfortunately, no sneak peeks for now x'D

That's it for today and see you again next week! :')