Hi guys!

Update ready for download.

This update adds a Banking System. The bank can be built through the Department of Engineering.
At the moment, the Bank is displayed in the City Hall. In the new version of the city, it will be a separate building.

Pre-study the FAQ on the bank. We have tried to take into account all the main issues. For questions that we did not consider, write in the comments.

In order to take advantage of lending, you need to build a bank and make a request to any bank that interests you.

In order to issue loans, you will need to register with the Intergalactic Banking Association. To do this, you need to make 100,000 on the initial capital of your bank.
Bank name must be unique. In addition, changing the name of the bank is a paid service in the IBA system. This is done to limit frequent changes that may cause confusion for your bank customers.

The banking system at this stage can be useful for obtaining fast loans for the development of the colony. Later, after we open the Intergalactic Market, the extra funds will be more relevant.

In order to avoid excesses, loss of your funds, customers, and other operations with the purpose of deception, bank lending will be available only for the version of the patrons.
Unfortunately, we did not find a way to protect banks from unreliable customers.

We added the possibility of changing the player's name in the administration building. This can be useful to those who unsuccessfully created their name. The player's name is displayed as a client for the bank when you take out a loan.

This is briefly about the system. The structure of the banking system is described and shown in the FAQ.

For all possible questions we will answer in the comments.

Have a nice day, see you.

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