Update #1 - It's been a long week
- The Games -

Over the last week I've been playing a lot of The Witcher and The Witcher 2, they are both great games with many positive (and negative) features. I have had a blast experiencing their story first hand with my community and look forward to finishing the journey as we finish up The Witcher 2 and move into The Witcher 3.

When I haven't been playing witcher I have been playing Grim Dawn, Orcs Must Die: Unchained, and Shoppe Keep. 

Grim Dawn is fantastic as both a single and multiplayer experience but I would much prefer if I could get some more community interaction when I stream it. I will be returning to Grim Dawn in the future and I hope to see some of you there to join me!

OMDU Is a great game with poor balancing, it is currently designed such that players are to grind tirelessly for many hours whether they win or lose, and I justs don't have the time or interest to progress in the game. OMDU also has lost most of the community that made it a once great game for streaming.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Shoppe Keep and will definitely be returning to the game on one of my shorter stream days.

As of Today I will be diving back into The Witcher 2 over at my channel

Thank you for taking the time to read this update.

Stay viking my friends,

- Phowecy