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Hi guys!
last week was a blast x'D I think I got too excited and my working-drive got a boost or something lol. 

I already told lemmasoft people and my patrons about this last week, but let me remind you; my next Milestone is making a Demo. But for that to happen, I still need a few things:
- Title illustration
- 4 or 5 Introduction CGs, 1 Jakarta worldmap, Maya's Bedroom background
- Make the sprites blink + expressions
- Minigame testing & programming
- 6 Chibi illustrations

So in order to deliver the demo faster to you, I will concentrate the updates around those things above O.O

Here are what I finished last week:
- Maya & her lil' sister's bedroom BG morning ver. (Above is a zoomin 200% sample)
- Jakarta map from eagle's view screen & programming. It's based on google earth map. Working on small cities/buildings were a nightmare :')) seriously, I think I spend more time detailing the small buildings and road than the coloring x'D
- Guntur's CG line art
I think I'm going to color CGs after I finished their script later o.o; 

Except for Guntur's CG, patrons of $5 will get a full 100% sneak peeks of the things I worked on above and from past updates :'3 

okay, that's it for now~ I think I'm going to replenish my brain juice this week and take it slow :'D 

See you guys again!

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