UPDATE 10/31/2016 for free users ~
Hi guys! I hope your weekends were better than mine x'D

last week were tiring for me; it rains a lot and raining seasons always bring me to agloomy mood somehow.But I managed to finish a few things:

- 6 chibi illustrations (4 for combat stats and 2 for creative stats)

- 1 bonus intermission illustration (Guntur)

No sneak peeks for the bonus illustration sorry :'p don't wanna spoil it ~

Next week, I'll try to finish all the chibis and start writing scripts. The other CGs and bonus illustration might change so I will put it aside for now. If the scripts are going well and chibis are done early, I will proceed with minigame programming.

Sneak peeks for the chibi's full view animations are available for my $5 patrons ;)

last but not least; HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

I wanted to make an illustration for Halloween but... I forgot the date :'D It's embarrassing but I really forgot today is 31th!! OTL 

*cough* Okay, that's it for now and see you next week!