an update
I got strep throat and my tonsils swelled so bad I couldn't swallow and could barely breathe, but after about a week of antibiotics, rest, and a lot of getting taken care of (Thanks to the bf) I am finally feeling better. The bacteria did get in the pores of my nose though and made lots of little blister/acne bubbles that pop and leave nasty open raw skin under so hopefully that clears up soon. 

The move is getting delayed due to several things. Mostly I am stuck paying $1.7k to taxes and kinda need to wait a few months then on top of that I did just get a car last week (right before I got sick actually) and he plans to get one before we move. I might wait to move till I can take my little brother out of state with me when he is 18 which will be summer 2018. Its pretty up in the air right now when I will actually have my own place again and when I will be able to cam again so I will keep you posted.