Thank you all very much for your feedback. As such I must announce there will be a raise in price of tier cost. As I've mentioned, it takes a lot more time and effort to make the drawings than is truly worth it for me at the current stage, and with suggestions from my patreons, I have concluded that the above update will be enacted, starting July of 2017.

When that does happen, the tier lists will be altered and I request you keep in mind that you may have to reapply for the tier that you are on.

As for the tier changes, they are as follows:

$1 Tier - Will stay the same

$3 Tier - Removed

$5 Tier - All from the previous tier + 10% discount on regular commissions

$10 Tier - All from the previous tier + Personalized Sketch Drawn for you EVERY MONTH (With the option of "monthly themed" or not) (10 slots available)

$25 Tier - All from previous tier + Upgrade the sketch to a flat-colored lineart per month (This replaces the sketch-per-month) + 20% discount on regular commissions (3 slots available)