I don't know how long the new version of Twine has been out, but I just downloaded it, and I love it so much. It's a much lighter blue, and the linking arrows curve, and the text boxes are white and solid and above the linking arrows. 10/10 much better. 

The other thing I've done is looked over just about every video game company or video game related company in Montreal. It's a lot and also very eye-opening. I already knew there were a lot of indie game companies in Montreal, but it's different putting games to companies to locations. It's less fun to see how many of the indie companies kind of just disappeared or stopped updating a few years ago. It's even less fun to see that most of the game companies that are hiring don't value writing or narrative design at all. I did already know that was likely to be the case, but it's still frustrating.

I have played video games basically my entire life, and the ones I liked best are games that tell a story.  The game that got me interested in even pursuing a career in games is a game with a strong narrative arc. I value video games for their ability to tell new stories and in new ways. It's a new medium for writers and I find it a fascinating challenge. The majority of the industry however doesn't see it that way. The narrative is seen as a minor aspect or a negligible aspect of gameplay rather  than gameplay being the vehicle of the narrative. 

Yes, games can exist without narratives, but the rest of the entertainment industry relies on narrative. If games want to compete or attract a larger market why not place a greater value on writing and create better narratives?