Hello. So, New York Comic Con went better than expected [despite not having our first issue to launch] ROLLER GRRRLS artist Gary Erskine travelled over and was part of the Artist Alley in the North Pavilion [part of the Javits Centre] Here's his diary: I arrived on Wednesday afternoon at JFK and was met at the airport by Whistle bLoki of the New York Shock Exchange. I was staying in Brooklyn with her and fiancé Marty. After a trip to the Javits to set up the table we all headed to WEST for sushi and a beer. What a great way to start the NYCC schedule! We took the A train to 34th and walked to the Javits on the Thursday [thankfully a later start to the day: noon] Not everyone was set up but it helped focus on my table. Not quite sure what the ticket allotment for the show was but Thursday was BUSY! Last year was my first trip to NYCC and the four day event was an amazing experience with Saturday the BIG DAY! That said, everyone was really taken back by the crowds on the opening day. The response to the sketchbook was very positive and the prints also went down very well too. There was also some interest shown by some publishers too which perked up the day. Always good to know that you are doing something right when people want to be a part of the project! The next few days were a blur. Plenty of friends and colleagues turned up and said hello and there was plenty of roller derby players from the local area saying hello too! I had a couple of panel commitments to attend [sadly neither to do with derby or the ROLLER GRRRLS project] My fuel for the week was nutrient bars, lots of water and confectionary... and dinner was Chipotle. EVERY NIGHT! I think I have found my new favourite meal! All in... a wonderful experience and we look forward to returning next year. Sadly the jet lag took me a week to recover and The Lakes and recent London Comic Con events really wore me down. Getting slowly back to form and expect to have some new ROLLER GRRRLS sneak peeks before the end of the week to catch up on the patron updates. Best Gary
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