UPDATE 12/19/2016 for free users~
Hi guys!

Thanks to a friend's encouragement, I turned into a beast last week :'D

I finished quite a lot that I surprised myself:

- I finished some CGs and almost all of their line-arts are done. Present count: total of 8 full-colored CGs (3 done, 5 WIP) + 3 bonus CG (2 done, 1 still in WIP)

- finished 3 additional chibi actions

- Minigame programming is done!! YASH!!

- edited some parts of chapter 1

My proofreaders seemed to be taken aback at how much pages there are in chapter 1 even though it was mostly the 1.5 spacing + dialogues x'D sorry guys!

Anyways, I'm happy with the results from last week and I'll continue working on the CGs for now along with my commissions!

Here's a little something to celebrate last week ^^- The lines look a little rough in here but they shouldn't be in the game.

Sneak peek of the minigame will be only available for my patrons ><

That's it for now and see you again next week!