The Update #12: The NEW Daily
Long time, no post...

Not to worry, folks. I've been working hard behind the scenes at some opportunities, while dealing with some new and old stress at home. Here are some notes on what's been up:

- I've taken a short break to re-work No articles as of yet (plenty of drafts), but the design and sections are done. I also became a member of Medium's beta subscription service, and applied to their writing partner program, which could potentially mean extra revenue.

- Fellow critic Jacob Oller inspired me to start using a new app called Anchor FM. It's an audio social network, where you create your own radio station to talk about and play anything for 24 hours. People can call in and converse as well. Check me out !

- I reviewed Sylvio  over at Film Threat. My favorite film of the year thus far.

- There's gonna be some changes to this page coming up, including to the rewards - due to a lack of interest from users and patrons, mostly. It won't be a drastic switch up, but the commentary track idea didn't really catch on, so I may fold that into a facebook / instagram live video idea I have.

That's it for now. Many thanks!