Hello all my lovely followers. I hope if you celebrated Thanksgiving it treated you well. I had a lovely time cooking, Holiday shopping and donating to the animal shelter. I sponsored all of the black kitties in my local shelter and happily so far 3 out of 10 found forever homes. All in all it was a good one. Tomorrow I will be working on the February Fortuna piece for the upcoming calendar and only my Patrons will see the line art. As for what your December donations will sponsor it will not be the pedestal for the square kiosk I had previously posted as it is more expensive then my current sponsorship supports. Black Friday was not so Black for me, as people opted to get low low prices at Walmart. I think it will roll over into a fund for the industrial printer I need, the output for which is over five thousand dollars. I hope to be more active on Patreon in the new year, but some contracts will prevent me from sharing certain details and projects. I always do a year end review and will be sure to share it with you and my goals for the new year. I do want to provide more incentive for my Patrons to sponsor me. I will be thrilled and relieved when this calendar is completed. I am really stressed about it and I get emails every day about where it is. I may just start next years when I am finished so I don't have this happen again. Moving internationally unexpectedly really threw a wrench into things this year. Thank you all as always for your encouragement and support. Best Wishes Ash
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