Gale and I just wanted to say thank you for your partnership through Patreon! We could not do this without your help! The other day someone asked if we could come do a fundraiser and get paid nothing... i realized then that without You guy's I would not be able to afford to go and be a blessing but now we are all in. Thank you! As a way of saying thank you, I'm going to do three things that will be only available to you guys here. #1. I am gonna to put a song on here that we just finished that no one else will hear until the final project is done from Nashville. #2. We have a new single out called Where I'm going! It hit radio stations last week. We just finished shooting the official video and Aaron is going to give me a Sneak peak teaser video just for y'all before it's even completely finished!!! #3. We just got new tshirts in. They have out rv logo "Rowletts Freedom Run" on them and it says "It's a beautiful ride"! We will sell them for $20 normally but you guys get them half off...$10 plus shipping. ... so be looking for all of that and more! Thanks again and looking fwd to What God has for us all in August!!!