Hey guys, sorry for not having to update Patreon. It's been really hectic irl. I'm moving to Canada in 9 months, so it's been nothing but my fiancee and I planning it out by where we're going to stay, what ill be doing when I get there, etc.

I'm running a fundraiser due to Foxy herself being in school and won't be able to save up as much as she can for it, along with covering some expenses such as moving my things there, fees for the citizenship application, and many other costly things that I've taken into account. I'm trying to find a more stable job in real life in the meanwhile, since I'm not able to live off of my Patreon just yet.

I don't expect you guys to donate since you already are pledging, butif you are interested, the link is here!: https://www.gofundme.com/thebigmovetocanada

Just wanted to keep you inform of my situation and why its taking me so long. I'll try to finish up Raven and Shantae for the month.