We returned from the fall promotional tour late on the afternoon of October 28. Thank you for making the trip possible. A report on the community development aspects will be provided shortly. I will also be providing some travel tips, restaurant and motel reviews, and other information. Don't forget, on November 1, the second chapter of All Is Fare in Love & Taxi Wars will be published. 

Here is a quick summary of the trip: 

At the Miles of Possibilities Conference a presentation was made on Kingman tourism 1900 - 2020 - 

Photos were gathered for a new book project - 

Promotional assistance was provided to several new authors - 

Arrangements were made to assist in the promotion of an exciting new automotive museum in Jackson, Michigan - 

In Las Vegas, Mexico, I spoke on heritage tourism as a component of economic development planning - 

Promotional materials from numerous businesses and communities were distributed along the Route 66 corridor - 

To provide promotional assistance for the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum, a Facebook live program was created - 

The Promote Route 66 initiatives project to provide businesses and communities with a free website was marketed - 

Meetings to develop a network for the promotion of Route 66 wineries were held -