I can't believe it's already Friday! It has been a long week. 

I just wanted to give you an insight on the calendars print. 

After choosing the photos (that's a tricky part, to be honest! :) ), I design the calendar, and prepare files for print. Once everything is ready, I print a test copy, to see the colors, position (not too close to top so nothing won't be cropped out), etc. 

Then, when I'm finally happy with what I see, I can place an order for the whole run. 

Normally, you would expect to place an order, and then pick up the ready-to-use calendars. Here, it is not that easy :D 

3 years ago, when I offered my calendar first, I was checking a lot of agencies, to find the best print quality. I was unhappy with all of them. 

Finally, I found a print company that offered an amazing print quality, but unfortunately no calendars option. 

Soooo... :) Here is where the fun begins. 

I order prints (only) at that print company, then I have to put them in order - cover-January-February etc. (honestly my back was dead afterwards! :D), and then bring them to another company to finish the process (putting in wall hanger, spring, etc.). It is mighty 10 kgs of calendars so far :) 

Buuuut... :) Some of you may remember my issue with black wall hangers last year. I couldn't buy them anywhere, and of course I didn't want to use white ones! In the end I managed to buy black ones in bulk. 

Finally, I'm happy with everything! 

I've already signed and shipped out part of the calendars. 

I'll send out tracking numbers tomorrow, sorry I'm super tired right now. 

I'm a bit slow with replying your messages and making some plans, sorry for that. I'm going to catch up with everything once I ship out the preorders. 

Thank you again! Hope you like your calendars!! 

Have a nice weekend! 

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