Update 15th April
Update 15th April

Vista Marina Panama

A big Hello and how are you ?

I hope all is well with you and that life is good.

Thought Id sit down and write a few lines and let you know the latest news before anybody else gets it.

Im in a new marina 40 miles from Panama city. It’s so new its not even on the map!! The owners have given me a great deal so I can leave Shadow here for a while. Im taking a rest, well when I say ‘rest’ thats not actually true. Im flying home to England to see family and friends. Im also doing an awful lot of work for the project.

The plan, at some point, is to strike- out across the Pacific, although maybe a detour north first maybe the plan. In any event the further I go the harder it will be to see family and friends so hence this trip home while I still have the chance. The other thing is spares for Shaddie, there are things I need for the boat. As stuff wheres-out and breaks the list gets longer!  For example, Ive got problems with the charging system and need a new solar controller, I cant get a good one here. 

All the door locks have rusted, they don't use the same type on this side of the World! A carburettor for the outboard, Hydrovane spares, Charts, etc etc!!

This is why what you do and your support is so important for the ‘seadog’ project. As I think Ive said before, none of the money from you though Patreon gets spent on things like pizza and beer . . . well maybe one beer!. The support you so generously give is what keeps me afloat and the videos coming. It is so very important that the Shadmiester is kept well maintained for the hard sailing she will have to do to take us on to further adventures over the horizon. 

The good thing about the videos is that I can work on them anywhere around the World. Even though Im away I can still edit and produce material and upload videos. as you know the ‘time line’ is a bit behind real time. This is one of the reasons. Even if Im taking a short break I have enough ‘in the can’ to keep the series going.

Highlights coming up, sailing to Colon and the famous Shelter bay Marina, taking on crew and going though the Panama canal into the Pacific, Cruising the Las Pearlas islands and a final farewell party on a deserted island with Johan and Malin from Ran. Exciting stuff!!

Oh an did I mention an exclusive interview with the legendary Captain Fatty Goodlander.

I've got to go and pack my bags now. Im looking forward to some warm beer and fish and chips!!

I hope this update reaches you in good health. Thank you for sharing this adventure with me  an again, thank you so so so much for your pledges and support.  

Cheers, Barry.

Dare to dream.