Hi folks. I'm alive. Sorry it's been a while!

I took a week off from stuff to recharge, and that turned into... what, nearly 2 months? I didn't intend for that to happen, but I clearly needed it. Sorry that I haven't been more communicative. Honestly I've barely looked at a computer screen outside of the office while I've been in hiding.

But anyway. I'm back now, and firstly I just want to say thank you to you all for sticking around. I fully expected to come back to no patrons here, and I would have deserved it. Thank you for still being here.

I'm still planning to make some changes here, because I know that for the next couple of months I'm not going to be able to commit to a steady schedule of posts. I'll still aim for it, but if I've learned anything recently it's that I need to allow myself to miss self-imposed deadlines from time to time, else I put too much pressure on myself and simply stop working entirely. 

The main change I'll be making will be moving to a per thing Patreon campaign rather than the current per month campaign. This isn't going to happen immediately. I want to give you time to figure out whether you still want to support me here once I make that change, and to set your monthly limits etc. if you do stick around. And, to be completely honest, rewriting the Patreon page, changing the goals and the tiers and the like, and probably recording a new video, is all quite a lot of work. I'd rather focus on beginning to create content again as a priority, and get to changing things here when I have the time and energy to do a proper job of it.

That means that any posts I make in the meantime will still be under the per month format, and if I get to the end of June without having changed things around I'll pause the campaign again so you don't get charged for the month.

In other news, the long overdue DMs Guild roundup will be out tomorrow. It's going to cover both April and May, and it's got some really good stuff in it. You can expect it some time around 8pm BST; all my reviews are written, but I need to put together the artwork for the post and actually put the post together (it currently exists as a Notepad file, believe it or not). I'm going to try and get something together for next week, too - probably a map, but I do want to finish writing that short story I started and almost finished. We'll see what I end up doing when I get there, though.

Thanks for reading this, and thanks again for your support. You're all awesome.