Update (2/10)

So I haven’t done a post for a while so I figured it was a good time for an update.

Last month we worked on the second book following Lucifer and Eva. Currently the name is Fall of Anah-aoshaka. Anah-aoshaka is the father of Ehyeh, he is not in Lucifer and Eva, but his grave is. His grave is the place where Lucifer and Eva fight in Siege of Heaven’s Gate. He’s talked about a few more times in Lucifer and Eva, and his story lays the foundations for much of what happens in Lucifer and Eva.

I hoped to have the book done at the end of the month, but it is going to take one more writing month.

The next two months will be editing months. I figured I would use one of Hazard City and the other on James Stark. Currently we have Chapter 3 of Hazard City done and have moved on to chapter 4. I will get chapter 3, Fighting, up for the five dollar patreons in the next day or so.

Also we did started the cart, and started selling. However, I have rethought it. When I was first thinking about it the idea was get Lucifer and Eva to a wider audience. To do that I would pay a few hundred dollars a month, I sold two in the first two weeks, and started to look for a more local avenue. Then I was talking with a kiosk owner at the local mall.

I don’t know what this guy said, but he mentioned creating an online store. I’m not doing that, no point I'm already on amazon, but he made me remember online marketing is cheap. So I’m going to experiment a little this week, and next week.

I think that is all I have for now. I'm going to get chapter 3 of Chronicles of Hazard City up in the next few days. I will update everything else in the next coming weeks.