Update 20 - It's a Hard Knock Life...
Hey, lemme share with you something cool!

It's the design outline for the Hard Knocks system!

Basically, this is an overview of how the framework for this system will function and carry over into other games. The objective is to create something not dissimilar from how Powered by the Apocalypse games work, but instead of for "Highly character-driven theater of the mind" type games, it'll create a strong framework for "Gritty, semi-simulationist narrative-driven" type games, the basic goal of the system being to incorperate the lessons of Apocalypse World into the gameplay feel of d10 driven sim-systems.

Basically, the idea is to create something that does stuff like cyberpunk, Dark Heresy, noir, low fantasy drama, street-level supers and so on with enough crunch to land the visceral feel of those genres, but with a strong storytelling framework to play on.

Other stuff that got done this week: A bit more Trench Patrol, a bit more PATROL print revisions. See you next week!

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