School is going very well, and I will be finishing my first semester soon! After so much change, I can't believe God still has more than 2 years of growth to push into my life!

Hillsong Conference is just around the corner! This conference is a "main calendar event" on the Hillsong Church calendar. This means that Hillsong Conference is also a big calendar event for my college! Hillsong Conference is the single largest Christian conference in Australia, spanning over 30 years, welcoming people from virtually all nations around the world. My college represents an enormous component in the support staff of this conference. Each student is allocated a team on which to serve. These teams vary from venue safety, to ministering to Hillsong Kids. My most favorite team name is called "Refresh". Refresh is a team that has the huge responsibility of cleaning and restocking all bathrooms that are located around the conference centre! It's a tough job, but is absolutely key for the conference to take place and to run smoothly! Ultimately, it is teams like this that allow people to enjoy a freedom that invites them to experience Christ in a new way. I'm taken aback that people give their time just to allow others to enjoy an encounter with God at this amazing event.

I plan to write more on Hillsong Conference later, especially as I begin to serve and work in and around the event in four short weeks! My team assignment is called "Creative Backline", and it is absolutely amazing. I am responsible for equipment (specifically drums) that needs to come on and off stage, while also assisting the musician as their needs arise in the midst of their serving on platform in worship, etc. An exciting but also demanding responsibility!

The next several weeks will be challenging! I have one week of normal school, then two weeks of special serving in our Creative Technology Team, and finally being totally immersed in Hillsong Conference 2015. There is little time to work, and little time to rest and renew myself. If you have an active prayer life, please be praying for Hillsong College students as we enter into the final push toward the end of the semester. We will be stretched and challenged to the max! Prayer will be a huge part of what restores us and protects us from spiritual attack and exhaustion!

Monday is a public holiday, and the Brazilian students have invited our entire class to a Brazilian BBQ! I look forward to this so much! There will be lots of food, music, dancing, and laughter! What a thrill!

I love each of you so much! Thank you for your constant faithful support. Your support is truly Kingdom building!