Update : 29/04/2017
Hiaa! \^o^/ Sorry for the lack of productivity this month, its mainly all been planning for next month and applying to jobs uhhh!v_v
I FINALLY FOUND SOME FECKING RED THREAD!! That took me literally a week and a half to find, and then i started sewing n got in a fiddle n it all knotted up and I rage quit.

But this is literally the last part of the cosplay. (apart from re-dying wig and possibly buying new shoes).


What i've done this month:

- Set up my Facebook page! I'll now be using my Facebook page again hopefully. The page is "weallstink965

- Released my store! I've now added more products etc. The store is "EscapadeDesigns " on Etsy. (im hoping to get a discount code for patrons but currently still figuring stuff out atm v_v)


Okay okay, so my plans/upcoming stuff;

- Take a photoset in Shiro cosplay. This should be done before the 26th May as I leave for comic con then.

- Collab month at Neko Palace , I'm Tuesdays so you can expect about 4 videos for me on Tuesdays! (i'll try to make my videos in advance so silver tier + patrons get to see them first!)

- THE DRAWINGS!! I'm defiantly still doing them! (some birthdays came up and...best way to spoil your internet friend is a drawing right?)


Theres been a few odd bits here n there, I'm hella looking forward to comic con next month tho. Should I vlog it? If so, would you prefer me to vlog on my camera or phone?

OH OH! I ordered a new phone!! After 2 years with a replacement phone, I've finally upgraded and am getting a Samsung Galaxy S7! This means I can use snapchat again and reply to messages. [I currently have a doogee pro x 6? and the screen recognition is so off that typing is near impossible, lets not even get onto the subject of the front camera....].

But things are somewhat starting to look up in terms of productivity c:
Next month you can expect about 4-6 videos from me and a couple of drawings. and maybe even a photoset or two, so stay tuned!

Also, the poll to vote on my next cosplay will be open until June 1st!
Only platinum tier patrons can vote on my next cosplay!