Update #3: 8.2 and Classic are here.. filenames are gone.. what a week!

It has been almost 10 days since the last post and it turns out a lot of stuff can happen in that time!

8.2 PTR

8.2 PTR hit last week (as expected), other than the filename change I'll talk about more below there were no major format changes meaning the modelviewer and other parts of the site will keep working. However, due to filenames going away ADTs can no longer be loaded in the modelviewer (for now). 


The removal of filename lookups was bound to be coming soon (Blizzard told me they had this planned in early 2018) but I thought it'd take until 9.0 for them to actually do it. What this means is that we are now unable to bruteforce/guess filenames like before as we cannot verify our guesses with the lookups that Blizzard used to supply pre 8.2. This required a lot of changes to get working throughout the site, tools (with the creation of some new tools as well) but I think it's working pretty okay now. There is a new type of listfile available for download on the files page, one with what I call "guessed" or "community" filenames for lack of a better term. These filenames are likely incomplete and not the same as Blizzard's but should still give a pretty good idea of what a certain file is. A solution for users to suggest filenames is on the way, but requires a moderation queue/user system as such a thing could be easily abused otherwise. 

With this change impacting more than just dataminers, but also artists, machinimakers and even add-on makers there will need to be a standardized solution at guessing these filenames so the different tools can adopt said format. Right now WoW.tools is using a CSV solution with the ID and filename being separated by a semicolon. Working out a standard for the filenames themselves is going to be a bit harder but I hope the community can work together (moreso than ever before) in getting a good standard going.  


The Classic "beta" client (currently used for an internal alpha, for now) also came out shortly after 8.2 did, there was a minor database format change that was easily resolvable. So far that's been about it.

WoW.tools updates

Other than all the changes to deal with the 8.2 filename lookup removal, there have been a few other improvements to WoW.tools as well.

File browser

- Multiple search filter support, e.g. encrypted,creature,type:m2 for encrypted creature M2s (thanks Barncastle!)
- Unverified/guessed filenames are shown as white text on a red background
- Performance significantly better
- Downloading multiple files at the same time, hold SHIFT or ALT (depending on OS) while clicking a download link to toggle the UI for it
- Previews for all filetypes, if not a previewable type (model, sound) it shows a hex dump

DBC browser

- Support for older version DBCs (pre 6.x coming soon) (thanks Barncastle!)
- Better error handling and notifying the users of backend errors


Look out for a new exporter version coming soon (when WoW.tools is in good shape) with a splash screen and a lot of quality of life changes, both by the wonderful Kruithne! Hoping to get 8.2 support in there as well, but we'll see how that goes.

Old site going away

bnet.marlam.in is going away very soon. Please let me know if there's anything you are missing on WoW.tools before I kill it. Thanks!

That's it for now, hopefully things calm down a bit more soon. Thanks to my Patrons for their continued support, I hope I'm reaching everyone's expectations. If not, please let me know.

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