Update #36 A sneak peak of the next chapter
Hey everyone!

In a little more than a week’s time we are launching one of the chapters I personally look forward to the most - the character origins chapter - that will further explore and demonstrate the character creation process in Fate of the Remnants. The chapter contains information on how to bring a character to life depending on where they come from, and who their ancestors were.

About half of the chapter will be dedicated to the archetypes, which are templates for your character concept. As we want the archetypes to be more useful than just serving as a frame, the chapter also contains quotes, more stunts, and character creation tips, along with a basic NPC writeup for each type.

In addition there are more descriptions and tips on how to create aspects suited for characters in Fate of the Remnants. It will contain a lot of great character artwork from our artists as well.

If there was one time I would like to ask you to help us spread the word about us, this would be it. The upcoming chapter has a lot of goodies for both players and GMs alike!

Finally, the rewards from last month are also on the way, I ran into a production bottleneck that I haven't been able to solve fully yet, but they will come any day now.

Thanks for your support, patience and interest so far!


Chris and the team

PS. Attached is a spread from the upcoming Character Origins chapter.