Now that the holidays are over and I finally have some time to breathe, I am catching up on my Patreon patrons!

For those of you who pledged over the $5 level, you will be receiving your sketches in the mail shortly for my End of the Year sketch deal. Thank you for participating and sorry for the delays in sending them out.

I do still have a store coupon available for everyone over the $10 level to receive 20% in my etsy store. I will extend the date on that until January 15th to include some new product releases.

In other news:
I have a few jobs lined up for the beginning of this year. What this means is that I will be less active online. I am going to set up some posts and videos to be released during this less active time so that you are still getting content, though I am going to deactivate the higher tier rewards ($100+) since I won't be able to fulfill them during this time.  I will have some help managing this account during that time (from my husband), so it will not be left unattended for any length of time.

And in case you haven't heard, I will be on Season 10 of SyFy's Face Off, which starts airing on January 13th, 9/8c (and continuing on Wednesdays). So watch me there for more silly and panic-filled antics. 

Thank you for your patience and support! I very much appreciate all the help I've gotten from you and look forward to making some much needed updates to my shop with the donations I have received!