Update 4/15/2017, March and April
These last two months have been very difficult with work and unexpected personal financial problems. I haven't been able to carve out my writing time as often or consistently as I had planned. Things have been looking up these last two weeks. I've pressured myself into buying a decent padfolio  to carry around my writing wherever I go, so that if I get the inspiration while sitting in the cab to work or home, on my lunch break, or at the Barnes & Noble Starbucks, I will be able to put it to good use with all my relevant documents, notes, and tools. I am excited. It has helped to chip away the calcified remnants of writer's block between myself and my imagined deliverance.

This song by Brainwave Power Music  has also been immeasurably helpful with putting me in the right state of mind to get the things in my head down on paper. I have been listening to their tunes for a few years now, without realizing the source. I have been on some deep meditation journeys with their music as the ever present ambiance.