Hi all!

Long time no update! ;w; I have some good and not-so-good news.

Good news: I'm working with Komikaki Studio in Malaysia! They're helping me with coloring flats. This will take a big load off my shoulders, and shave off about 10 hours of work for me weekly! :)

BUT, there's no guarantee that this will affect the length of the chapters yet. I'm really happy to have met our goal, and I know everyone is looking forward to longer chapters. But the truth is, I have been running on an empty tank for several months now, and my body is pretty broken.  For the moment I'm going to do my best to maintain the length of the current chapters, and slowly work up from there. 

As a side-note/info-dump: It may not seem like the episodes are very long or have much content in them. But please believe me when I say I put everything into each and every one of them. I spend 80+ hours planning, scripting, and drawing, and I'm thinking about the story 24/7. All recent chapters contain 70+ pictures and at least 60+ pages. 

Not-so-good-news: For the next three weeks (from today till May-6), I'm going to be extremely busy with family/friend business. Of course, I'll do everything I can to keep the chapters coming during those weeks, but Patreon rewards will probably be delayed again ;;;;;; 

As always, thanks for the support! 

Love, uru-chan


TL;DR I found help with the chapts, rewards will be delayed again.