Hey. I just wanted to let you know that I'm still here, still working to get things out for you to read. I'd meant to have two new chapters for you by the end of this month, but obviously that isn't going to happen. There's this whole thing going on with my father being ill, and with me having some medical issues too (mine much less serious than his) which you probably don't want to hear about. The short of it is that hopefully the worst of both those things are behind us, and I'll be able to get creative and get on a schedule, and make some real progress on these stories. One thing I'm not sure about--posting non-story-announcements here. On the one hand, I hate to clutter people's inboxes with things that aren't awesometacular stories (to steal a term from Jeremy Jahns), but on the other hand, you wouldn't be here if you weren't at least slightly interested on what's going on, and there IS an option for you to not see these lesser posts, while still getting notifications for story updates. So I'm torn. As a possible compromise, I made a new blog, where I can post stuff that isn't story content, but is still related in some way to my writing progress or writing process, just in case someone wanted to know about that stuff. Here's the url: http://theforgeofmythanddream.blogspot.com/ What do you guys think? Would you rather have that site as the designated 'behind the scenes' sort of feed, or would you rather I put that stuff here, and those who don't want to see it can just check the box to turn those particular posts off? Let me know what you'd prefer. And I'll have something story-shaped for you soon, promise. Alan aka DreamSmith