Hey guys, just another quick thing to keep you up to date.

As you (may) know by now I've a few health issues and at the moment they are low immune system, endometriosis and a fair amount of skeleto-muscular problems.

The past month I have had multiple infections, horrific back pain from the previous month's physio and have just been in not very good condition. Due to this I've had to not draw for nearly 3 weeks to try and prevent further complications with my back/pelvis. Infections are cleared up but due to being ill my physio had to reschedule, so it'll be nearly a 2 month gap between treatments.

I'm having to get a lot of physical and complimentary therapy as well as looking at more orthapedic office furniture to ensure I am looking after my body as well as being able to complete my art projects. This may be something I'll have to account for in my Patreon.

If you guys could let me know what you think about this that would be great. I know you guys want me to put my health first, but not drawing for so long makes me feel super down and I'd like to avoid that too. 

Any suggestions?

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