Update 5/15! Patrons please read!
Time just keeps on slippin'... slippin'... For real it does... We're halfway through the month and I know I've barely gotten started on 1 on 1's and think tanks. Well I'm happy to let everyone know that for the rest of the month I've got nothing holding me back from getting those done. The reason why I've been so quiet for the first half is Mat is headed on vacation for a few weeks, and I needed to cram videos for the rest of the month before he heads out. So... That's what I've been doing for the first half of this month. But it's done, they're scheduled, and I can get back to showing my appreciation to you all!!! I'm still REALLY amazed we broke that $1500 mark and it's staying broken. THAT is a huge deal for me. I do also want to say, because of the weird timing this month, if I don't get to everyone's rewards for one unexpected reason or another, I WILL do roll-overs for the month. I don't anticipate it seeing as there's more than two weeks left in the month, but JUUUUUUUUUST in case. I didn't want anyone getting concerned. Thanks guys. I'll be in touch! -G.G.