Update 5-7-16: Whats new?
Hey there Patreon supporters! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update for you folks but things have been rather hectic. I’ve been working on a game in the meantime though and I want to tell you about it now.

I still haven’t decided on a name for it yet, but for now I’ll just call it “TRunner”. So what is it exactly? Well it’s an endless runner, which I know is a bit of an overused genre but stick with me here, that’s based around a trans woman trying to run away from and escape her past. The gameplay consists of jumping and ducking to avoid the obstacles in your path. These obstacles consist of things that society largely considers to be “masculine” or “manly” in nature as well as slurs that are thrown at trans women around the world on a daily basis. It’s not going to be a particularly clean or friendly game by any means but it feels like it’s something that I have to do. However I recognize that including that kind of content is going to be upsetting for many players which is why I’ll also be including options to disable explicit material in the game.  

It’s not a terribly ambitious game, I know, but after the frankly depressing failure that was my last project I wanted to work on something that I felt I could actually accomplish on my own. I’ve already made some pretty decent progress all things considered. I've included some gifs with this post showing where progress is at but in case that doesn't work here's a direct link to that album on Imgur. I've also uploaded the sprite sheet for the obstacles currently created but its NSFW so proceed at your own risk.

So in summary I’m excited about TRunner and I hope you all are excited to see it develop as well. Thank you so much for supporting my work, it means so much more than I could ever explain. Now I’m about to get a little pander-ey so feel free to head off now. So, things for my family and I are kinda not that great. I hadn’t been working for over 4 weeks at my job before finally having to leave and try to find something else. So if you would consider sharing this with someone you think would be interested in supporting what I do that would be incredible. Please don’t feel obligated to do so but if you can I would very much appreciate it. Thank you all again for supporting me and I hope to have more information in the near future.