Update 5: Major Stuff
I have invested in a pop filter for my microphone, which was originally part of the first stretch goal. To reflect this, the goals have been updated to reflect their respective costs (all lower!) Even if production has slowed down, SKYRE Fall is still a story I'm passionate about telling, and even if it takes from elsewhere in my life I'd like to support it along with you who listen.

A short awhile ago business cards came in! I'm very excited to have these, even if they're a little darker/lower resolution than intended. Picture to follow.Across the Universe Divide script is over 70% done. (I still have to make an individual post telling you what it is, don't I?) There will be a poll involved with it, too. I want to hear your thoughts when there is more information!

I'm thinking of running a side series about a man lost in a city of fog. (Heavy inspiration from Silent Hill series, and with fresh ideas to carry it.) The episodes would be shorter, and more narrative by nature. I foresee it being less than 10 episodes long. I will make a poll about it soon too.As always thank you for supporting in any way you can, be it patronage, sharing the word to friends and family who might enjoy SKYRE Fall and my future works, or simply following these updates.