Hey friends, I posted a life update over on my blog today: http://edenrohatensky.com/life-update/

I've realized that anything beyond the $5 tiers I'm doing right now, I can't stay accountable to. Anyone who missed a google hangout this month will be contacted when I get back to SF and we'll chat in May to make up for the missed hang in April.

I'll be reevaluating the goals as well soon, I'm just trying to make my life a little more sane so that I can keep doing cool shit. I'm also heading on tour for most of the summer (as detailed in the post), and won't be home enough to manage the patreon and make videos.

I realize this is last minute, but if you're pledging above $5 and don't want to now that I've changed the rewards, please make sure to lower your pledge before the end of the day or you will probably be charged by Patreon this weekend.

I'm terribly sorry that this isn't working out the way I planned, but it's been an experiment from the start.

xoxo eden the cat.