Hey all! I have some cool news for you!

Those who have been reading the descriptions below Castoff pages or follow me on Twitter have heard about this, but to recap: For the last 8 months I've been in a weird Job limbo where I didn't know if I would have a job at the end of every month. It's been... stressful, to say the least. But, by a stroke of luck, my job has been secured until spring of next year, taking a lot of stress off my mind! It's great news!! And I like to respond to great news by doing fun stuff. 

So here's some fun stuff. 

When I first made this Patreon, Castoff was on a once-weekly update schedule. Patrons at the $5/month tier were promised pages one week in advance. But since I bumped it back up to a 2x/week schedule, I never upped it to maintain the "1 week ahead" promise. And I told myself that if my job pulled through for me, I would push the patreon ahead. Job pulled through, and I've changed up the tiers accordingly. 

All patrons at the $1 level will now see pages 1 update in advance. On Monday you'll get that Friday's page, etc. $5 will now be two updates/1 week ahead. And so on and so forth.

I've wanted to do this for months, and now I finally have the security of knowing that my job won't disappear for a while, giving me confidence that I can keep the 2x/week schedule going for a while. And I wanted to give back!! Because you guys have supported me through these shenanigans, and words can't describe how much I appreciate it. This is my way of thanking you. So thank you <3

TL;DR: Read the tier descriptions because they have changed! More stuff yay!!

That's all for now! Thanks again, and enjoy the updates! 

Signing off,


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