Update #7
Dark Storm VR Missions Update #7 

Check it out on Steam! http://store.steampowered.com/app/395150/

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Also a free game! We recently submitted a game called Shattered Dreams to Adventure Jam 2016. Watch the intro video and play the game for free below! We'll also be uploading it on Indiedb as well.


Dark Storm VR Missions

Dark Storm VR Missions Update #7 0.3.5 Now Live!

There's a lot more coming and heres our roadmap left for the game so you can track progress. Our Goal is to finish up the VR completely before the end of the summer and add about a dozen more levels in all. We're currently at 0.3.5. Between Base Gunplay and Customization of Weapons

Dark Storm VR Missions Patch Versions

0.1- Base Movement 
0.2- Special Player Actions
0.3- Base Gunplay
0.4- Customization Weapons
0.5- Vaulting/Parkour system
0.6- Executions / Takedowns (CQC)
0.7- Cover System
0.8- Advanced AI
0.9- Coop
1.0- Multiplayer

Added Coop Text information to hub 
Added Verses Text information to hub
Fixed 1P Ironsights 
Fixed 1P Relaxed movement/blends 
Weapon switching animation added 
Roll animation implemented (slide added only while sprinting) 
Changed Amber's Mesh to a more modular approach This means it's easier to adjust her clothes to apply new costumes and armors(which will be coming in a another update later this year)
Fixed an issue where ambers clothes would fly away when Crouching & Proning 
Adjusted Amber's hair so the hair Shader is more realistic 
Added Impact FX’s and Blood Impacts 
Fixed an unlimited Ammo reload bug on the shotgun 
Added a interrupt feature when reloading the gunshot 
Added a Weapon Switching System (She now grabs weapons and equipment from herself when switching to a pistol or rifle) 
Recoil Added to weapons will see some tweaks overtime 
Rolling Left and Right when iron sighting added 
Fixed the Edges being cut off on the HUD ingame 
Polished up the Menu Graphics and added highlight and click designs 
Picking up Dead Bodies and tossing 
Adjusted the Font in some UI elements and cleaned it up 
Added a special 3P Mesh and 1P to resolve clipping and Camera issues 
Added adjustments to the VR HUB including zero gravity enabled cubes that dynamically bounce off each other and cube walls that when touched will dissipate blocks in a random direction (also fully dynamic) 
Added a VR save console to the VR Hub that can be used at any time to save overall progress within the VR 
Experimenting with new forms of level structure including dynamic environments with floating cubes and modular levels. 
Fixed misc bugs throughout the VR 
Added in marker templates for new VR features (Encounters/Arena)