Brad has suggested that when I'm done with the reboot level, that we should work towards something more possible, the multiplayer component that I get messages about all the time. Brad made the point that a few maps and gametypes would be much easier than a 40+ mission campaign.

I do believe that this might be the direction to go after Reboot is done, and I have learned a lot from Reboot's development. I would like to develop this multiplayer component with more input from the fans, for this I plan to create a website and upload videos of development each week. I would also like to accept input from users about what to do next and have fans vote on key development decisions so that it is shaped in accordance to what the fans decide it will be. Things such as maps / weapons / gametypes / characters / ranking / etc.

I have not thought of A name for this yet as I am busy trying to finish reboot, but When I do I will let everyone know. Brad and the other mods at We want metal arms 2 will be instrumental in this Multiplayer Metal Arms' success, and I will do everything in my power to make sure the fans can be as involved as possible.

As always if you can help with development please message me, we are much closer to finishing this demo and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you do not have development skills please consider donating to Reboot so I can get some programming help to finish this demo.

Thank you to all the fans of Metal Arms and Metal Arms: Reboot, were it not for you, We would not have even made it this far.