I'm going to be doing some slight changes to my patreon (effective next month, September). But here's what I'm planning. For every $5 you donate, I'll put your name in a raffle for an inked commission! I'll be holding a raffle every month (maybe every other because there aren't tons of people right now). Or if you'd rather get a colored commission or a sketchbook, I can give a discount based on how much you have donated. I'm also planning on getting rid of the $10 donation tier and adding a $2 option. I might get rid of the $5 option as well, I'm not sure yet. These are only ideas right now. I'm sorry I'm not as active here. I might try to do some patreon exclusive content down the line as well but I'm not sure yet. But as always, thank you all for supporting me! There will be 6 more posts on my tumblr this month!
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