Update 8/1 Edition
I like it when I update on the first of the month. Feels nice for some reason. Like I'm up to date. Then I realize it's 1 hour 'till 8/2. Then I get hit with the harsh reality on how late I really am.

Anyway, I'm in a love/hate relationship with Pokemon GO. I'm sure others feel the same way... but alas, I'm hopeful that they'll fix things. So for the mean time, I'll just rack up on pokeballs and berries.

So this week's update is going to initiate a new faceoff! Levi/Kothabaur vs Natsuhiko/Okimo and Cat girl Mihoko/Akina! Seriously, that girl can't get a break. 

I feel like I'm falling behind... I really need to wrap it up so I can spend time practicing. Just doing random sketches and drawings to put up here and then continue on with Chapter 10. I really do hope you're enjoying it. If you have any comments, please, let me hear them. As harsh as they may be, it's how I can improve.

Thanks to you all that have stuck around. I really appreciate it!