Update 8.15.2015 : Commence with the Hanging
IMPORTANT NOTICE to crew, captains, friends and all : 
I hart ur faces n butts (but only if ur not a minor)


"I thought we were hanging out this week?"
Yeah, me too. The SleepyCabin office move proved us to be idiots. "Oh yeah let's rent a truck and clear out the office today." Yah.

Day 1, no trucks available, so we spent 9 hours sorting shit into boxes and piles, pulling out screws and nails, and plugging holes in the walls.

Day 2, got the truck at 10am and proceeded to move shit til 3pm, at which point a stray dog showed up at our house, we tried to figure that shit out, got a bunch of dog shit, then had to go pickup a 500 lb fish tank (but not before having to empty it's 150 lbs of wet sand lol). Then continued to move shit til 1am.

Day 3, more moving at the crack of dawn, while trying to find the dog's owner. Finished sorting/moving shit til 9pm at which point we dropped the dog off with a sweet lass who took it to a shelter specializing in locating lost pet owners.

The office still isn't completely moved, but the dog was finally reunited with it's owner.


"Yes, fine. That was heroic tale of love, loss, and the American dream, but are we fucking hanging out?"

YES! GOD!! While I'm still sorting out the next phase of SleepyCabin and all the migration of finances and responsibilities, I absolutely HAVE to get back behind the desk.

Last week we had an impromtu hanging out on Google Hang, and that 14 hour work session was really really helpful (though web related). I need many many more of these. My biggest beef is the call limit for G+ ... though if people don't mind, a group voice call in skype is always an option (though our group size makes it a little tricky).


"So what are you working on?!"

There's all the SleepyCabin business stuff: taking over finances, website, mailings, gifts, the office, etc. Voicing as usual. Commissions for HISHE, MASHED, and Cherry insurance. Website for Final Bosses and Control Alt Delete. Our stuff : Sonex 2, Parallel Dumensions, Lip Spank, CLAP, and so forth. I'm putting Sonex and Batman at the front of the list next week, which means three next days are gonna fucking insane. But it also means at least a couple group hangouts AND progress on these projects.


"Is all that personal shit finally out of the way?"

Almost. I head to PAX for 2 days at the end of the month, then to MN where I'll be closing the book on a big chapter of my life, and driving all my personal belongings cross country to Philly, where my move will be official and permanent(? at least for the foreseeable future). 


"So you're saying we're doing group calls and work sessions next week?"


"You promise?"


"Just saying, cuz you kinda said that before..."


"It's ok. I understand. In fact, lemme give you a back rub."

Eh, I'm not huge into getting backr-- WAIT THE FUCK YOU DOING IN MY HOU--

<end transmission>

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