Update! 8/5/2018
Sorry for lack of info lately, been focusing on writing lately, so this slipped through the cracks, sorry. I'm currently working on the last chapter of the first book in what I've decided to be a series; The Siegfried Odyssey (Title subject to change). I'm at about 80000 words and only 1/3 through the chapter, but once that is done, the initial writing will be done. after this will come editing and then publishing. so hopefully you will be able to see the final project, published and out in circulation soon. I'll be trying to get back into the swing of things with posts and the like soon, though I can't promise too much; have to keep some surprises for the book itself. But, that's where I am with the book; thank you for being patient. please look forward to the first book by Phelan Lutze.