Currently I'm working on my novel which has been going by the title "Soul of a Pirate" for almost 10 years now. I've been working on this since I was 16, and it's grown with me as a writer. I feel that I'm finally getting to the point where my work is presentable and can be published. In the meantime,  I'm out of a job and in a really whack situation where my depression and anxiety can really hold me back when I want to get any writing done.

I want to be able to live. I need to pay for my medication and therapy. I need to put gas in my car. I need to keep my head level so that I can apply to jobs, and get through my daily routines without breaking down or holing up in my bedroom. If I don't have some kind of side hustle to help me along the way, I won't be able to find a proper job or complete my novel to get me out of my current terrible home situation.

If you're a friend of mine or even in a mutual following with me on twitter or tumblr, you already know my home situation to a T since I suck at keeping my business to myself. It's complicated and I rely heavily on my mom despite our peculiar not-so-great relationship.

I want to try anything I can to give me some money, even if it's about $5 (because that's around how much my medicine costs.) I really need the help.